Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 16 - Routeburn, part 3

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Crisp and clear morning

Lake Mackenzie looking brighter

The fancy hut we didn't reserve

Trudging on, drying out

Hidden falls

Friendly clouds on day three

Snowy crags

Pausing at an overlook

Roaring Creek down in the valley

Day three is fun

New Zealand pigeon - kereru

Clouds clearing for us

Double falls ahead

Ready to be done

Glowing green at the bottom of the valley


Waterfalls, but not on the trail this time

Earland Falls

At the base of Earland Falls, before getting wet

Past the falls

Shaking off the spray

Now one with me

Purple rocks

Another nice viewpoint

Orange-wrapped branches

Lake Howden

Base of Howden Lake

Up close with the robin

Hopping around, looking for treats

Lakes at the top of Key Summit

Ideal weather at this point

Small pool at the top

Lake Marian tucked between the peaks

On top of Key Summit

Panoramic views


Snow and granite

Path at the top of Key Summit

Lake Marian in the distance

Lonely tree

Bright orange

Pass Creek view

Snaggletoothed ridge

Threads of water

The Divide trailhead

Dirty and damp

Kicking back


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