Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 15 - Routeburn, part 2

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Early morning drizzle

Packing up and enjoying the shelter

Ready and pumped

Maximum: 2

Waterfalls popping up

Water falling, on the ground and in the air

Not yet raging

Follow the orange

Scooting across

Stepping down

No pausing for a bit

We can all fit on this one at once

Last view of the flats

Not an encouraging forecast

Departing Routeburn Falls Hut as the rain picks up

Routeburn Falls

Climbing toward Lake Harris

Gray and foggy

Lake Harris

Outflow from Lake Harris

Taking refuge in the Harris Shelter

A cliff-full of waterfalls

Descending to Lake Mackenzie

The unrelenting rain

Time to wade

Down at Lake Mackenzie

Under the Lake Mackenzie kitchen shelter

So warm and dry

Pouring rain outside

Hunkered down

Starting to stop raining

A few drips still onto the lake

Lichens on the trunks

Tents up

Water on the trail

Blue sky!

Track to the campsite

Tiny leaves

Birch section

Moss section


Waterfalls disappearing

Keep out the huts, campers~

Bare rockface

Slowing down

All sorts of shapes


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