Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 14 - Routeburn, part 1

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Andrew being driven insane by the crooked squares

Winding our way to Glenorchy

Pausing for a view of Lake Wakatipu

In the driftwood pile at Lake Wakatipu

Another crystal clear lake

Down at Lake Wakatipu

Driftwood and stones

Looking south

Stopping for the key lockbox at Trackhopper

Sheep uninterested in hanging out with us

Grazing away

Not a single sheepdog to be seen

More of the flock

Baby hanging with mom

Trying to make friends

Picnic spot for lunch

Setting off on the Routeburn Track

All nice and dry

Crossing the Route Burn (the river)

The Route Burn

More crystal blue water

Tramping like pros

Reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest

Long and narrow

Under the limit

Try not to fall off the bridge

Lower part of Bridal Veil Waterfall

So very clear

Smaller falls all over the place

Continuing upstream

Solid blue

Swimming spot


Churning over the rocks

Ominous clouds

Enjoying the sunny trails

Having a great hike so far

South Island robin, Andrew's buddy

Such long legs

Routeburn Flats

Orange curls

Routeburn Flats, with the Route Burn meandering through

Looking up the valley

Poking around the meadow

Our campsite, and kitchen shelter

Lazy afternoon

Paradise shelduck male/female pair

Nice and sunny. For now.

Snow on the slopes

Routeburn Falls up along the trail

Colorful boulders

Wandering the flats

Sitting by the river

Paradise shelduck in flight

Paradise shelducks passing through, showing their full colors

All set up for the night

Lovely afternoon light

Darker clouds moving in

A taught rainfly

Escaping the sandflies

Cooking up the fancier meal

We drank it untreated and survived

Chowing down

A few more tents popping up

Soaking in the waterfalls

Sunset colors filtering in


Lazy river

Dusk settles in

Getting more purple

Last of the light


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