Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 13 - Getting to Wanaka

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Suiting up for the flight

Flight cancelled!

Joyous breakfast

Knights Point Lookout

Lay of the land

View north along the coast

Beach and swamp entry point

Short loop trail through the swamp

Brown tannic water

Fallen frond

More brown water

Cheese packaging recreations

Tromping through the swamps

Back on the gravel path

Tui in the trees

Characteristic white neck tuft

Tui taking off

Boardwalk to the shore

Sad to be missing the glaciers

Empty beaches

Swatting a sandfly

Teamwork on the puzzle

Stop at Haast Visitor Center

At least he's wearing a helmet

Picnic spot at the visitor center

Stopping at Roaring Billy Falls

Roaring Billy Falls

Roaring away

Falls across the Haast River

Skipping rocks

Rocky shores of the Haast River

Clouds starting to part

Looking for the perfect skipping rock

Forest walk back to the car park

Next stop - Thunder Creek Falls

Thunder Creek Falls - a straight shot down

Thunder Creek Falls

More of the Haast River

Probably getting devoured by sandflies

In front of Thunder Creek Falls

Scout troop plopped down

Fantail Falls

More cloud breaks

Checking out the Blue Pools

I can see why they call it Blue Pool

Feeding into the Makarora River

A really substantial swing bridge


Moving fast

Back to the car

Looking back at the bridge

Lake Wanaka

Lots of blue sky now

Extra fuzzy

Looking in the direction of Wanaka

Northerly view

Bench at our chalet for the evening

Golf course between us and the lake

Our golf course chalet

Inside the chalet

Wandering downtown Wanaka

Wanaka Gourmet Kitchen - our dining destination

Wanaka Lake and Roy's Bay from the lakefront downtown

Tree lighting ceremony

Roasted lamb for dinner


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