Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 12 - Franz Josef

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Early morning, stumbling toward the helicopter staging area

Too cloudy to fly

No selfie sticks allowed - I like helicopters

Gear that won't be worn by us today

Rainy days bring out the waterfalls

Heading up the Waiho River valley

Lots of people on the trail


Taking in the waterfall

Toward the glacier

Taller falls

Gray day

River churning on the right

Another tiny falls

Green and yellow on the rocks

Tiny rivulets

Soaking up the drizzle

Another larger fall

Franz Josef Glacier

Blue ice lurking overhead

As close as we got to the ice

At the end of the trail

Fresh melt and silt

Nicely split

Beers at lunch

Coal at the grocery store

View from our rental cottage

All blanketed up

Skies still dark

Trailhead for the Callery Gorge walk

Callery River, just before feeding into the Waiho River

Very silty

Trees on the riverbank

Web on the swing bridge

Bridge to nowhere

Trail back to the trailhead

Tiny green strata

A non-swinging bridge

Moss slices

Fantail doing its thing

Reaching out

Dead frond


Still socked in

Blue skies peeking through

Raising false hopes for flying the next day

Glow worms


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