Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 10 - Punakaiki

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Breakfast scraps!

Mottled leaf

Next step: Buller Gorge

The South Island's longest swing bridge

Approaching the center

Buller Gorge


On the far side

In front of yet another waterfall

Fortuntately not flooded now

Doing some digging

Big trees

More old mining equipment

Rebecca getting strapped in

Ready to launch


Arms out

Gliding in

Thinking it's time to slow down


Stacy's turn

A running start


Flying down


Done flying

Big finish

Whitebait (tiny fish) for lunch

Berlin's Cafe, the only option for miles

Overlook just north of Punakaiki

Perpendicular Point

At the Perpendicular Point overlook

Checking into the Punakaiki Beach Hostel

Our room at the hostel, the truck

Inside the truck, complete with bathroom and kitchenette

Inside the trunk - sofa and bed

Time for river kayaking

Hopping in the boats

Paddling up river

Super lush

Waiting for the dinos to jump out

On the Porarari River

Working against the current

Cruising along

Bouncing around

Passing the rapid section

Shallow section

Walking over the rocks

Relaxing in the sun

Clear cold water

Little bug

More shallow water

Impossible to paddle upstream

Enjoying the paddle

Turnaround point

Much easier going with the current!

Winding downstream

Navigating the rapids

Steep cliffs

Green green green

Sun dropping behind the ridge

Back in the afternoon sun

One more section to drag through


Kayak rental spot, closed up

Breakwater in Punakaiki

Eroding cliffs

Walking up the hill

Sunset near Pancake Rocks

Pancake Rock structures

Perched on the side of the path

Natural bridge

Golden light

Lots of pancakes

Limestone layers

Blowhole in action

Blowhole spray

Spray continued

Blowhole surroundings

Sunset rapidly approaches

About to slip behind the clouds

Nesting rocks

North edge of Pancake Rocks

Crashing waves

View of the walking path

Looking north toward the hostel

Time to get some grub

More gulls

Green-lipped mussels

Thanks for serving us late, Panakaiki Tavern


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