Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 09 - Abel Tasman, part 3

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Campsite up in the trees

Morning light

Drying out

Little shags hanging on the beach

Oystercatcher at work

Red-billed gull strolling through

Shade at the south end

Small stream

Bright magenta flowers

Stacy's finest blister

Nice lazy start to the morning

Hector's dolphins at the far end of the beach

Both dolphins out of the water

Bye bye dolphins


Gone to seed

Pausing in the field

Paradise shelduck, female

Paradise shelduck, male

More wetlands


Pukeko at attention

Next round of camping showing up, time for us to leave

Water taxis flitting in and out

Heading back on the water taxi

Cairn on giant boulder

Blue water, blue sky

More fur seals

Peeking around the corner

Green water near the point

Big bull twisting to say hi

Dignified whiskers

Spotted shag

Revisiting the beaches in reverse

Pause to drop off some other passengers

Heading back to civilization

Forested hills, golden beaches

Back at the ramp in Marahau

Happy riders

Entering Toad Hall

Drinks have arrived

And now food!

Testing out the activated charcoal vegan ice cream

It's good, but no better than the real thing

Dunmovin Cottage. Very railroad themed


Tucked into the farms


Sheep on the slopes

Pig lineup

Much less stinky

Late-afternoon reading time

2-liter of beer

Off to feed the pigs

The big ones get a little bitey


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