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Photographer: Various

At the wedding reception

Dan playing with the salmon

Spike at my housewarming party

Spike enjoying a bit of scotch at my housewarming party

Spike on the trail

Spike checking out the view

Light up the City, Spike and Barlo after the fireworks

Light up the City, Spike and myself enjoying a sleigh ride

Pumpkin carving party, Spike enjoying refreshments

Pumpkin carving party, during carving Brian, Snake, Spike, (myself hiding behind John), John

Pumpkin carving party, pre-carving: Snake, Brian, Spike, Barlo, John, James

Pumpkin carving party, Spike awake, Barlo napping

College reunion

Chryssi, Spike, and Kelly crushing Barlo

Spike crushing Barlo

Spike doing some tricks

Spike, Barlo and me on the ill-fated six pack night

Later that night

Spike, Barlo and me on the ill-fated six pack night

Spike and me on the trail at Wallace Falls

Me, Chryssi, and Spike with part of Wallace Falls in the background

Spike and Chryssi in front of Wallace Falls

Spike plays some Crazy Taxi

Spike prepares the feast

Ryan, Spike, Barlo (shown yawning), me and Mark in Bath

Spike, Ryan, and Chryssi in Bath

Mark, Spike, Ryan, Chryssi, and Barlo at the Roman Baths in Bath

Spike, Ryan, Chryssi, and Barlo enjoy a shower together

Spike does some pushups

Mark, me, Chryssi, Spike, and Ryan at Castle Coch

Mark, Spike, Chryssi, and Ryan having a treat from Harrod's

Chryssi does some pushups as Spike and Mark observe carefully

Chryssi, Ryan, and Spike at Caerfilly (sp?) Castle

Mark, Chryssi, Spike, Barlo, Ryan and me at Stonehenge

Chryssi in the background, Spike and Barlo with banana Runts, and Ryan enjoying the view

Spike, Chryssi and Barlo enjoy the peaceful boat ride

Barlo, Chryssi, Spike, Ryan, and Mark do some fine dining

Spike and me in our engagement picture

Spike, Barlo, Mark, Ryan, and Chryssi on a rock with Eurotrash playing "baseball" in the background

Ryan and Spike play Titanic

Me, Barlo, Chryssi, Spike, Mark, and Ryan in Oxford

Chryssi, Spike and Barlo having fun punting in Oxford

Spike, Chryssi, Mark, and Ryan on the streets of Oxford

Spike, Chryssi, and Barlo at their favourite book publisher's

Spike and me after playing in the crawlspace

Spike looking at the big spider in her fancy grad student office

Melody amused at Spike and Amanda swinging around on the wall

Spike spots Amanda during bouldering

Spike doing some bouldering

Spike doing some bouldering

Spike doing some bouldering

Carnage in the kitchen

Post-dinner sleepies

Cruisin' in Clifford

Jeff, Laura, Spike, and Chryssi around the campfire

Spike, Chryssi, a beer, and a Coors Light

Spike and Chryssi sitting by the campfire

Spike and Chryssi's unauthorized use of my camera

Clifford ready for some hot 4-wheel drive action

Jeff and Spike looking refreshed after their three hours of sleep. Note the broken applesauce jar.

Spike, Chryssi, and my legs after a delicious Denny's (previously named Danny's, as we learned from the corporate art on the wall) breakfast

Checking out the exciting nesting action


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