Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 08 - Abel Tasman, part 2

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Little shag perched in the morning



Black shag, aka black cormorant, drying in the morning sun

Black shag taking off

Wetland area just behind the beach

Boots on!

Wetlands at Onetahuti Bay

Tiny fish in the shallows

On the move again

White-faced heron

Looking back at Onetahuti Bay one more time

Partially unrolled

Rolling into Awaroa Lodge

Cold drinks, what luxury

Awaroa Glamping huts

Paradise shelduck and sheep

Getting ready to traverse Awaroa Bay at low tide

Awaroa Bay, empty at low tide

Boats on the sand

Walking the shoreline

Shellfish exposed

Taking the shortcut

Tough footing when barefoot

Crossing Awaroa Inlet

Big and veiny

Climbing up from Awaroa Bay

Mussels on the rocks

Goat Bay, sans goats

Very green mussel

Mussels of varying size

Bright blue

Nestled in the weeds

Seaweed variety pack

Totaranui Bay

Purple and white foxglove

Anapai Bay, our campsite for the night

Testing the waters

Our campsite. No wekas pictured, but they're definitely present

Fending off the sandflies

Rocks at the north end of the beach

Looking south at Anapai Bay

Weathered stack

Fantail flitting about

Fully fanned

Tail collapsed for a moment

Dusk slowly sets in

Lamb in a pouch

Twilight lingering

Calm and quiet


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