Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 07 - Abel Tasman, part 1

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Morning light over the greenhouses

Our chalet, at the Terraced Chalets in Motueka

Tractor pull to the boat ramp

Happy we didn't miss the departure

Split Apple Rock near the entrance to Abel Tasman

About to enter the park

Fur seals off Fisherman Island

Big bull seal

Flippers up

Granite cliffs

Entering the park

Unloading from the water taxi at Anchorage

Farewell, boat!

Taking stock of the gear

Looking northwest

Ready to depart

End of Anchorage bay

Canadian geese visiting


Small caves

Emerald waters

Looking back at the bay


Trap for introduced mammalian predators

Trap markers

First weka sighting

Next round of fronds

Slowly unwrapping

Torrent Bay estuary

Bridge over the Torrent River

Crossing Torrent River

Don't eat the poison

Baby weka, looking fuzzy

Cleopatra's Pool

Weka trying for an easy lunch

Natural waterslide

Torrent River tributary

Torrent Bay at low tide

New Zealand heron

Making a getaway

Fuzzy buds

North end of Torrent Bay

Ballon Rock

Farewell, Torrent Bay!

California quail, introduced species

California quail

Getting some gravity assistance

Another estuary at low tide

Moss and green everywhere

Time to climb

Another weka visitor

Juvenile weka, looking very dino-like

No more than 5, please, for crossing Falls River

View from the Falls River Swing Bridge

Our turn to cross

Bays and ridges

Pausing at the viewpoint

Kayakers checking out the islands

Packs still on - must be a short break

Topside view

Descending to Bark Bay

A little lunchtime wading at Bark Bay

Bark Bay

Clear and shallow water

Bark Bay, with campsites in the background

A-plus shell discovery

Oystercatcher and youngsters

Learning all sorts of oyster catching tricks

Nice orange eyes

Back on the trail

Marker to find the trail again

Dried ferns

Creeping across the rock

Looking back at Bark Bay

Into the forest again

Wasp trap

Tonga Quarry area

Almost there!

First peek at our campsite, Onetahuti Bay


Setting up camp at Onetahuti Bay

Precious cargo

Happy it's happy hour

Out on a limb

Watching the dismount skeptically

Tiny waterfall

Enjoying the beach

Red-billed gull

Cooking up some dinner in the kitchen shelter

Serving up the feast

Backpacking's finest

Kitchen shelter and beach

Settling in for the night

A few boats moored in the bay

South end of Onetahuti Bay

Reading before bed

Stars very slowly coming out at 10PM


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