Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 05 - Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Photographer: Josh Eckels

In the early morning shuttle

At the Tongariro trailhead

In front of Mt Doom, about to embark

Clear but chilly skies

Mount Ruapehu

Boardwalk through the frosty wetlands

Mt Ngauruhoe (aka Mt Doom)

In front of Mt Ngauruhoe

Still in the early morning shadows

Trudging up, trying to get warm

Looking back toward the Mangatepopo trailhead

Dormant for today, I hope

Easy to follow the trail

Gaining some elevation

Getting resituated

Into the full sunlight

Past Soda Springs

Follow the posts

Passing Mt Ngauruhoe

Still a little snowy

Stacy and me

Rebecca and Andrew

First glimpse of the Red Crater

Another nice cone volcano

Tiny steam vent


At our high point

Vent in the Red Crater wall

Red Crater living up to its name

About to descend toward the Blue Lake

The Blue Lake

Red Crater and Mt Doom

Emerald Lakes

First of the Emerald Lakes

Orange shore

Water is not warm

A bluer Emerald Lake

Last of the Emerald Lakes

Snowfield crossing

Yellow scrubland

Peaking down to Lake Rotoaira

Steady traffic stream

Crater lineup

Lichens and grasses

Bye bye Red Crater

The Blue Lake up close

More dirty snow

Starting to get into the shrubs


Trending down

Stream crossing

More vents on the way down

Bright and yellow

Entering some switchbacks

Descending to the treeline

In the woods, trying to make the earlier shuttle

Well-constructed trail

Self re-routing river

Done and with beer!

Nice to sit down for a bit

Looks like we're in for a wait

Our room at the QT Wellington

Quirky room number holder

Bee corner in the hall

QT Wellington lobby


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