Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 03 - Getting to Turangi

Photographer: Josh Eckels

L&P - New Zealand's answer to the question What if Sprite was a little flatter and saltier?

Time to exercise the daypacks

Bridge over Karangahake Gorge


Checking out the old mining stuff

Across the bridge, into the tunnel

Karangahake Tunnel Walk

Other side of the tunnel

Following the river

Ferns overhead

Old mining gear

Reclaimed by green

Working the rails

About to spring open

Low overhead

Old pilings

Andrew's favorite bridge so far

Checking in with our buddy Gollum

Prowling the Hobbit grounds

Authentic round doors

Welcome to Hobbiton, indeed

Off to see Huka Falls

Super blue water after falling

Huka Falls

Danger lurks

Falls and channel


Our Turangi AirBnB

Our Turangi AirBnB


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