Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 02 - Auckland

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Waiting for our tents to clear the stinkbug inspection

Our North Island rental car, a Subaru Forester

Starting our Auckland walking tour at St. Kevin's Arcade

Entering Myers Park, with Sky Tower in the background

Andrew and Moses

Grabbing a ride

Aotea Square

Khartoum Place

Auckland Art Gallery exterior

Extra leaves

University Of Auckland Clock Tower

Old Government House

Bee in the roses

Sniffing the flowers

Chancery Square

Down at the wharves

Looking out to Shoal Bay

Lunchtime at Ponsonby

In the swanky food hall

Burger Wisconsin - first sighting

A few backpacks

Inside our rental at the Star Queens Serviced Apartments

Entrance to the complex, slippery when wet

Mt Eden crater

Don't enter the crater!

Downtown Auckland behind Mt Eden

Downtown on a drizzly day

Still awake!

Looking more easterly

Tower, under rennovation

Spiky plant

Settling in at the Sugar Club

Fancy cocktails

Peering straight down at the Sky Tower

Peeking north around dusk

Burned convention center, under reconstruction

Something to see!

Rainbow over Auckland

Just before it faded

Sky Tower at night


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