Home - 2019 - Backpacking at Noble Canyon

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Packs on and ready to move

Leaving from the Penny Pines trailhead, but going the other way

Clear blue skies in the Laguna Mountains

Heading west, looking north

The descent begins

Remarkably green for the dry seaon

Moon in the late morning sky

Dried up

Hints of fall colors

Into the shade, and the gnats

Briefly perched on the rock


Hiking down the canyon


Another clearing

Ready to scatter seeds

Stream crossing

A bit of uphill

Dried yucca

Ready to chomp

Stream in the canyon

Lots of bikes on Saturday

Approaching our destination for the evening

Last bit of Noble Canyon

Trailhead almost sited

Our non-campsite at the trailhead

Fine dining al fresco

Clear starry skies

No moon yet

Frosted pack

Sunlight over the ridge

Wandering back uphill

Pacman cactus

Back by the stream (and gnats)

Red and green

Taking a breather

Micro waterfall

Ready to fall

Refilling water

A very long lizard

Trickling down the rock

Skimming away

All blue

Modeling the latest in camera clips

Shady lunch spot


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