Home - 2019 - Weekend on the Colorado River

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Getting hauled down to the ramp in Trump country

Tesla eager to hit the water

On the move

Open water

Armada of two boats

The sandbar's already crowded

California side

Arizona side

Rounding the bend

Watching for sand bars in ambush

The adorable DJ tent

Popping up on the first run

Navigating the sand bars from the ski

Carving a corner

Crossing the wake

Holding on

Back around the other side

Elbow tow

Big spray

Fnishing up the run

Tulies and rock

Heading back to camp

Holding down the fort

Back at base camp

Christmas colors

Floating in the still water

Coming up to say hi

Getting extra tall

Shallow and calm

Walking the sand bar

Muddy section

Up and alert, for the moment

Heading down the shore

Getting Tesla riled up

A run in the waves

Rearing up

Calming down again

The time-honored happy hour tradition


Trying not to lose too much

Cork retrieved

Dusk approaches

The vultures are circling

Almost time to pack up

Time to load up the boats

Ready for more gear

Packing up

Heading back home

Looking for the next sand bar

Dean takes the lead

All alone on the water

Sliding behind the hills

Side by side

Magenta horizon

Pelican patrol

One light out

Sunday morning cruise

Relaxing morning

Clear skies at the dam

More skiing

Banking left

Dean at the wheel

Ready for another run

Carving another corner

In the spray

Dean takes a turn

Ready to go

Skier in the water!

Stacy's turn


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