Home - 2019 - Backpacking in Big Bear

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Time to load up the packs

Ready to hit the trail

Pretty dry

Break on the way up

Big laughs

View of Big Bear Lake

Two miles in

Joining up with the Pacific Crest Trail

Clear skies overhead


Looking north over the ridge

A very sad picnic table

Now for a downhill section

Tiny pink flowers

Stretching yellow

Sitting in the shade

Here comes the cooking platform

Dusk approaches

Bedtime for most

Stars coming out


Almost full and very bright

Clearing the horizon

Enough light to see by

Through the trees

Packing up after breakfast

A few clouds here and there

Packs lighter after drinking most of the water

Ready for another day of hiking

Time to depart

Meandering downhill

Empty trails in the morning

Rounding the corner

PCT emblem

Pausing at the road intersection

One more by the road crossing

Lined up

Ready to tackle Bertha Peak

Big Bear Lake from Bertha Peak

Big Bear Lake from Bertha Peak

Compound at the top of Bertha Peak

Killing time at Inland Center Mall while the car charges


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