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Photographer: Josh Eckels

At the wedding reception

All of us dressed in our finery

Barlo playing with the camera

More pre-Jenga strategizing

Jenga excitement

Chryssi, Spike, and Kelly crushing Barlo

Chryssi pretending to be cold

Me and Chryssi on the trail at Wallace Falls

Me, Chryssi, and Spike with part of Wallace Falls in the background

Spike and Chryssi in front of Wallace Falls

Chryssi takes a nap

Spike, Ryan, and Chryssi in Bath

Barlo and Chryssi in Bath

Mark, Spike, Ryan, Chryssi, and Barlo at the Roman Baths in Bath

Barlo and Chryssi kiss the bear

Spike, Ryan, Chryssi, and Barlo enjoy a shower together

Mark, me, Chryssi, Spike, and Ryan at Castle Coch

Mark, Spike, Chryssi, and Ryan having a treat from Harrod's

Chryssi does some pushups as Spike and Mark observe carefully

Chryssi and Barlo at Caerfilly (sp?) Castle

Chryssi, Ryan, and Spike at Caerfilly (sp?) Castle

Chryssi and Barlo take a nap on the bus

Mark, Chryssi, Spike, Barlo, Ryan and me at Stonehenge

Chryssi in the background, Spike and Barlo with banana Runts, and Ryan enjoying the view

Spike, Chryssi and Barlo enjoy the peaceful boat ride

Barlo, Chryssi, Spike, Ryan, and Mark do some fine dining

Spike, Barlo, Mark, Ryan, and Chryssi on a rock with Eurotrash playing "baseball" in the background

Me, Barlo, Chryssi, Spike, Mark, and Ryan in Oxford

Chryssi, Spike and Barlo having fun punting in Oxford

Spike, Chryssi, Mark, and Ryan on the streets of Oxford

Spike, Chryssi, and Barlo at their favourite book publisher's

Carnage in the kitchen

Post-dinner sleepies

Jeff, Laura, Spike, and Chryssi around the campfire

Spike, Chryssi, a beer, and a Coors Light

Chryssi and I cuddle for warmth

Spike and Chryssi sitting by the campfire

Spike and Chryssi's unauthorized use of my camera

Spike, Chryssi, and my legs after a delicious Denny's (previously named Danny's, as we learned from the corporate art on the wall) breakfast

Chryssi trying to look happy

Chryssi taking a break from driving


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