Home - 2019 - Utah trip - Day 6 - Moab

Photographer: Josh Eckels

First batch of petroglyphs

A few animals above where it flaked off

Bigger rock face

More of the old farming areas

Humans and animals

Animal tableau

Some are hard to interpret

Caterpillar traffic jam on the railing

Trailhead for the Hickman Bridge

About to fully open

Fern-like flowers

Big rocks

Hickman Bridge

Under the span

Looking through the other way

Carved out

Black rocks

Former gas station, now Mexican food truck and inside dining

Sego Canyon rock art


Wider view

Old and new

Alien-like figures

Birds and humans

Another wider view

Just next to a flaked section

Grandstaff trailhead

Big cave

Somebody's nesting

Another smaller cave

Dried out

Holding up the roof

Tributary to the Colorado River

One of many stream crossings

Meandering upstream

Morning Glory Arch

Opening next to the arch

Trickling water through the crack

Directly under the arch

Another view on Morning Glory Arch

Sixth-longest arch

Plenty of poison ivy

Bye bye to the arch

Another set of clouds

Purple flowers

Trying out the new water shoes

Fish and tadpoles

Dark clouds

Kenzie's Cottage, our place in Moab

Nice grounds

Inside the cottage

3 Dogs and a Moose Cottages

Moab street art cyclone

Rainbow bridge

Downtown Moab


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