Home - 2019 - Utah trip - Day 5 - Capitol Reef

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Frosty tent

Checking out the Mossy Cave on the way out of Bryce

More classic Bryce rocks

Milky white stream

By the little waterfall

Milky water

The mossy cave

Not too mossy, not full of icicles. But a tiny bit of ice

Flaked rock

Waterway made by settlers

Tiny cave

Antimony Mecantile - lunch spot, best in state!

Beyond the road closed sign at Fish Lake

Heading to the overlook

Poor birch tree

Fish Lake, still pretty icy

Fish Lake panorama

Bright white birch

North end of the lake is a little less icy

At the viewpoint

Black tail

Eyes on the trunk

Entrance to Capitol Reef

Kinda like Mars

Capitol Reef front door

Various clouds colluding against us

Stormy to the right

Not as stormy this way

Getting a little breezy

Looks like heavy rain

Entrance road

Losing the winter coat

Reading up on the park

Fruita Campground in Capitol Reef

Can you find the marmot?

Fruita orchard

Heading up the Cohab Canyon Trail, right from the campground

Looking back at the old farm

Looks like termite rock damage

Walking through the wash

A bit of a drizzle

Standing by the biggest cairn on the trail

Underway toward Cassidy Arch

Flowering cactus

Everything on a slant

The beehive

Trekking on

A normal sized cairn

Cassidy Arch, with rappelers

Double-checking the gear

Over the edge

Cassidy Arch

Rappel in process

Under the rainclouds on the way back

Lots of thin layers

Following the slab on the trail

As green as it gets out here


About halfway back

Back in the sun

Late afternoon light

Stretching up

Green shoots

Stripped bare and polished trunk

More rain on the way

More rock variations

Flat section

Gnome caves

Back in the wash

Through the canyon, looking down on Fruita Campground

Back toward the park entrance


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