Home - 2019 - Utah trip - Day 3 - Zion

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Morning light

Crossing the Virgin River at the Grotto

Junction, heading up

Relative solitude

Angel's Landing from the valley floor

Soaking up the morning sun

Winding around the corner on the paved section

South down the valley

Pausing at a switchback

And now for the fun part

Try not to fall, please

Steep drop-off, with helpful chain

Peeking up river

Touchstone Wall

Zion Lodge

South valley view

Selfies out on the point

Road toward Temple of Sinawava

Beige, orange, and red

Full south-facing panorama

Taking in the views

Looking for anyone who fell

Sandstone coloration

Victory poses

Vulture cruising the thermals

Incoming clouds

North-facing pose

Circling the trail

A well-fed chipmunk

Non-threatening clouds

One more at the turnaround spot

Winding river

Sliver of trail

Looking back at Angel's Landing

Green dots

Red section

Clinging on in the shade

More Indian paintbrush

Vertical flowers

Prepping for the bike ride

Swapping out gear

Mule deer

Taking refuge from the rain

Glad I brought the raincoat

Bridge leading to the Emerald Pools

Water trickling over the edge

Not-so-emerald Emerald Pools

Behind the waterfall

Trail closed, due to rockslide

A momentary but welcome break in the rain

Dark stains from water

New tent, proving it is indeed watertight

Wet campsite


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