Home - 2018 - Christmas trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Heading out of the marina

Low winter sun


Passing the mangroves

Perched on the signage

Out in the ocean

Hooks in the water

First of many porgies to come

The haul increases

Small red snapper

Ballyhoo swarming

Pulling in some bait

Ballyhoo in the hopper

Reeling in the barracuda

Poking the fish

Porgy ready to be fileted

Back at the dock

Bright green goo

Artfully draped rock

Pelican on the lookout for fishing success

Backlit greenery

Frosted snacks

Flags whipping on the Point


The cornhole battle begins

Beans in the air

Stacy's turn

And now Lisa's


Betty fires back

Highly unusual vertical tossing style

Getting distracted

New teams

Pre-dinner photo

The obligatory silly shot

Checking out the orchid tree

One orchid variety

And another

In front of the orchid tree

Opening the glitter bomb

Modeling the hair clips

Inspector Betty approves

More hair clips!

Mug and mirror

Enjoying the spray and wind on the Point

Ruth takes the stage

Ruth sings for the group

Taking in the performance

Max, stocking-deliverer


Unpacking the loot

Sitting down to the holiday meal

At the big table

A heaping tray of cookies

Cookie time

Inspecting the calendars

Working the blinkies

The new nose that has all the clowns talking

The whole gang

The whole gang, one with a fun hat

Parceling out the next batch of cookies

Entering the Escape

Home in the snow

Welcome to the big city

Max in some ill-fitting gloves

Pink and green

Fun with car scraping


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