Home - 2018 - Peru - August 30 - Amazon day 3

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Cloudy skies in the morning

Neotropic cormorant

A couple of dusky titis

Looking angry as always

Slate-colored hawk

Lots of dangles


Walking on water, as usual

Black-capped donacobius

Another tree rat

Non-tourist lodge, a little worse for the wear

Standing watch through the weeds

Another set of squirrel monkeys

A little more gray-haired


Heron and dragonflies

Lots of nests

Blue-and-yellow macaws

Macaws getting scrappy

Get off my branch!

Sorting things out

Heading out

Maybe a chestnut-breasted coronet

Macaw in the lower branches

The macaw tree

More on the other side of the river

Un-ID'd butterfly

Checking for turtle eggs

Eggs, uneaten

Turtle egg, being moved to the lodge for safety

Ready to dive

Totally clogged with weeds

Black caiman

Another sloth

Stretching to the left

Heron about to skip town

All stretched out

Sugar ant nests

Rufescent tiger heron

Two more macaws

Facing the camera for once

Hind toes in action

Another caiman lurking

Bell wasp nest

Distinctive orange band

Anaconda in the grass

Tail end of the anaconda

Horned screamer about to scream

View from the porch of the main lodge

Another day, another boat ride

Our sophisticated fishing gear

Tern or similar

Fishing spot number one

Our fishing competition

Do not insert finger here

Piranha for dinner!

Two in the boat at once

Making friends with the piranha

Moises looking a little suspicious of Stacy

Woodfish on the line

Another piranha

Bright red circle on the tail

The catch of the day

Give me my fish!

With his piranha gift

Mid-afternoon on the river

Relaxing after catching half the fish for the group

Shoreline by the fishing spot

Overloaded branches

Basin white-lipped frog

Sleeping bird

Hidden spider

Worming around the trunk

Millipede hanging out by a web

Black scorpion

Another spider lurking

Leaf-cutter ants

Ant highway

A much smaller treefrog


Blunt-headed treesnake showing off its tongue

Blunt-headed treesnake after retracting tongue

Bright green in the headlamps

Dragon on the tree

Sloth sleepytime

Another big frog


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