Home - 2018 - Peru - August 28 - Amazon day 1

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Pool at the hotel

Hotel Casa Morey lobby

Up on stilts

Waiting to board the boat to the lodge

Leaving the dock

Al Frio y al Fuego - the restaurant from last night

Shipyard at the north end of Iquitos

Logging operation

Wearing the vest while we're close to town

Getting out of the city

Banana boat

Typical river transport

Layover spot

Muyuna Lodge boat

Gray river dolphin sighted

Muddy water and silty banks

Passing another village

Aquatic weeds in the slow-moving water

After the transfer to the small boats

Shallow wooden boat

Vulture overhead

Moises, our guide for the week, up front

Up on the bow

Arriving at the lodge


Welcome to Muyuna

Our cabin

Settling in

Testing the hammock on the porch

Raised and covered walkways

In the wet season, only a few feet above the waterline

Spikey tree

Into the jungle on an afternoon hike

Tree rat

Pieridae butterfly

Dusky titi monkey, looking a bit cross

Still pretty cranky

Popular with a few kinds of monkey

Another tree rat peeking out

Grasshopper on a nibbled giant leaf

Pygmy marmoset saying hello

Stretching out

Checking out the big smelly humans

Scampering around the trunk

A little grooming

Who's there?


Trees get big here

Rubber tree, bearing marks from 100+ years ago

A trickle of rubber sap

Our first three-toed sloth sighting!

Beetle and white mushrooms

Slowly moving up

Moving like a sloth

Heading out on our sunset cruise

Silhoutted sloth

A male and a female

Late afternoon glow

Three minutes to sunset

A few whispy clouds

Resting on the canopy

Bye bye sun

A small caiman

On the boat to say hello

Capybara on the river bank


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