Home - 2018 - Peru - August 19 - Arrival in Cuzco

Photographer: Josh Eckels

First glimpse of the Andes on the way to Cuzco

More mountains sighted

On the final approach into Cuzco

A small airport, in the middle of town and the mountains

On the way from the airport

View from our hotel room

Our hotel room at the Belmond Monasterio

Taking in the hotel

Sipping some coca tea

In the chapel at the hotel

Bright altar

Looking out the back

Big doors

Parade at the Plaza de Armas

Heading down the hotel steps

Courtyard at the hotel

Cute Cuzco streets

Fountain near the hotel

Packed for the festival

Iglesia De La Compa˝ia De Jes˙s

Cathedral de Cuzco

All built on Inca foundations

Full streets on Sunday

Another plaza

A bit less crowded

Minor Basilica de la Merced

All lined up for the parade

Mercado San Pedro

Fruits, familiar and otherwise

The bread section

Wandering the market

Lots of cool corn

Finding a lunch counter

Moving away from the crowds

Pedestrian alley

Alpacas at last!

Dark clouds rolling in

Quite a hat

More Spanish stonework

Inside the Museo de Arte Religioso

Taking a break

Another stop on our multi-ticket tour

Templo De San Blas

Up on the balcony

Please don't ring the bell

Sneaking throught the narrow streets, fortuntely on foot

Plaza San Blas

Creeping up the hills

Calle Pas˝apakana

Gaining a little altitude

San Cristobal

Rain across the valley

Heading to dinner

The bar at the hotel

Soaking up the fire

Music and dancing at dinner

Heading back to the hotel



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