Home - 2018 - Weekend in Borrego Springs

Photographer: Josh Eckels

T-rex debut

Dino attack

Tortoise still keeping it classy

DJ setup

80s forever

Sheltering in the shade

Clustered under the canopies

Prepping for dinner

Funky eyes

Waiting for picture time

Boombox, with TV!

KISS and Devo united at last

Tina and Richard

Photos in the corner

Tina and Run DMC

Gagging with spoon

Off to tennis


Paul and Lisa

Murray and Rosie

Stina and Mike


Brian and Viv

Rosie and Murray again

Gilbert and Isabel

Me and Stacy

Mike and John



Randy and Julie

Tom Cruise showdown

Jim and Jeanell


The whole crew

Slightly goofier

Pretty in pink

The ladies

Ladies again

The guys

Saturday night dance floor

Beer pong semi-finals


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