Home - 2018 - Family gathering in DC

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Looking out the living room window

Construction projects complete!

Sunset approaches

Warm light on the trees

Mostly empty dock

Acquiring patina

In bloom

Checking out the sunset

Out for a spin

Lined up on the poles

Screaming yellow, screaming fast

A little visitor

Snake in a trap

Angry and sticky

Lots of yellow

Thunderclouds rolling in

Downpour on Friday night

At the house in DC

Ruth's turn at photographer

Peanut gallery

Ruth and Max take charge

Marinating veggies

Finishing the prep

Dinner is served

The horde descends

Out on the deck

Ruth and Max

New lion necklaces

The whole gang

On the metro

New African American Smithsonian museum

Inside the main exhibit

Reflecting pool

Washington Monument

Intricate lattice

Ford's Theater

Straight out of Burning Man

The Mall

Food truck lineup

The Castle

Down in the Metro

Getting rowdy

Cooking up something tasty


Our rental, in Columbia Heights

Crossing the river

Choppers overhead

Jefferson Memorial

Inside the rotunda

Wide angle

Lots of marble

Peeking through the crack


Across the Tidal Basin

FDR memorial


Franlin and pup

Tiered falls

In the middle of the memorial

Fireside chatting

MLK Memorial

View of the Jefferson Memorial

Curving MLK quotes

Korean War Memorial

Trudging along

Lincoln Memorial

Across the reflecting pool

Lincoln looms large

Vietnam War Memorial


World War II Memorial

Looking the other way down the reflecting pool

Overcast day


Lots of fences

Julia Child's kitchen


American History Museum

Natural History ocean hall


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