Home - 2018 - Summer weekend on the Colorado River

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Mike and Stina heading back for the other campers

Our private sand bar

Dense tules

Dragonfly perched above

Out on the brown tip

Tule flowers

Wings leaning forward

Schooling in the shallows

Side, shallow channel

Looking downstream from our sand bar

Bright blue everything

The rest of the gang arrives

The dogs happily in the water at last

Tesla waits patiently while Nyla plays

Ready to charge down the beach again

Rearing up

Terrifying facial expression while twisting

Fetch fetch fetch

Dangling by a tooth

Tadpole flopping around

Nyla gets a handle

Launching to say hi to our new neighbor

5 pounds of sausage for lunch

Sleepy in the sun

In a newly dug den

Tadpole in the very shallow water

Crawfish scuttling through

Sleepy Burt and Nyla

A little horseshoes

Mostly escaping the sun

Afternoon breeze picking up

Almost ready for happy hour

A little shorter than expected after the machete

A weathered grill back at the trailer

Steaks and game hen

Sitting down to dinner

Shortly after moonrise


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