Home - 2018 - Seattle over Memorial Day weekend

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Lake Union at sunset

Ready for a quick getaway

Big room at the Alexis

Emory at the plate

On base after being hit by a pitch

In scoring position

Playing first

Prepping for the next at-bat

At dinner in Ballard

Doing a walk-by of the original Starbucks

Pike Place Market setting up for the day

Peonies everywhere

Cloudy morning over Elliott Bay

Breakfast at Lowell's

Exploring the spice wall

Anemone at the aquarium

Stretching all the feet

Bright orange

Northern fur seals

Settled in for a nap

Vincent the octopus

Sleepy time, post-meal

The big wheel

Ultra premium beverage at Starbucks Reserve

Bustling afternoon

At Britt and Beck's

Totem in Pioneer Square

General Porpoise doughnuts

Smith Tower

Clearing skies as we board the ferry


Port of Seattle

Approaching Bainbridge Island

On the ferry

Pretzel at the farmer's market

Eagle Harbor Congregational Church

Rinsing the paws

Wing Point on Bainbridge

Cruising back to Seattle

View of downtown

Peering down from the top deck

More clouds rolling in

Ferry terminal and south part of downtown

Central Library

Looking into the pit from the high point

Cantilevered over downtown

Stacy at the view point

Dinner at Etta's

Alexis entrance on Madison

Ballard farmer's market


Flowers at the locks

Seals in the water

On the saltwater side of the locks

Enjoying the Sunday afternoon sun

In front of the railroad bridge

Up at Snoqualmie Pass for a quick hike

Gold Creek Pond

Snowtopped Cascades

Gold Creek Pond panorama

Happy in the mountain air

Tiny island

One more trail

Fresh snow melt

Bridge number two

Uncurling ferns

Nutmeg and Peanut

Rowdies in the backseat

Gasworks Park

At the top of the hill

Looking south over Lake Union

Gasworks panorama

Counting construction cranes

Industrial ambiance

Lots of pipes

Pollination in action

Next bee

At Golden Gardens

Turtles on a log

Turtle on the paddle

Coastline looking north

Mount Rainier from the air

Moon over the dusky light


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