Home - 2018 - Weekend in LA

Photographer: Josh Eckels

View from the hotel balcony

Time for some breakfast

Getting underway at the Porsche track session

First lap

Turns out the 911 GTS is fast

Rounding the bend

Good stopping power

Trading back to the instructor

Coming back around

Entering the Laguna Seca-like section

Out of my way!

Entering the kick plate

Getting sideways

Couldn't save that one

Prepping for another run as someone putzes around in the SUV

Fishing the back end around

Satisfied customer

Outside the building

Santa Monica promenade

Gazing out at the Getty Villa

Rose inspector

They passed!

Courtyard at the Getty Villa

Frescos and shadows

Clear bright skies

Inside the alcove

The lion without a face

Later afternoon sun on the buildings

Santa Monica pier, moments before sunset

Cruising back to the hotel

Almost on the horizon

Roberts Ranch House on the Solstice Canyon hike

Plenty of fireplaces

Pool by the Roberts Ranch House

Looking down Solstice Canyon

Newer construction up on top

Another burned structure

Green from the winter rain

Looking out to the ocean

Burned post with coil

Back to the trailhead

Plenty of wind, but no power supplied


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