Home - 2017 - Christmas through New Year's

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Heading out on a big boat

Down in the engine room

Inside, on the main deck

Up in the tuna tower

Hello down there

Lounging up top

Thinking about taking the helm

Clearing the point at Ocean Reef

Heading out to sea

Betty relaxing on the bench

About to launch the balloon

Up and away

Three lines in the water

Managing the lines

Taking a break from the duties

Opening beers

Fish on the line

Early in the fight

The long saga continues

Some early jumping

Deceivingly close to the boat

It's a sailfish

Still out of the water

A big sailfish, estimated at 100 lbs

More thrashing around

Visible under the surface

Still has energy to jump

Bringing it in at last, two and a half hours later

Done at last

Blisters from the battle


Victory pose

Flying the flag

Sunset approaches at Buccaneer Island

Wrapped and lit

Mangroves in the waning light

Smooth as glass

Color in the east

Last loungers

Deepening oranges

Coral breakwater

Santa sails in

Perfectly medium-rare prime rib

Heading out on a Christmas cruise

Empty canal

Wishing we were actually returning from a fishing outing

Another boat out

Taking in the scenery

Tucked onto the post

On alert

Into the channel

Raptor overhead

Stacy and Lisa

Cutting through the channel to the bay side

Card Sound Road bridge

Nice boat and house to match

Soaking up the sun

Nearing the end of our cruise

Working on core strength

New speaker paired and in operation

Brain coral bench

Bright colors


Channel to the marina at sunset

Christmas sunset

Big boat on the horizon

A friendly card game

Enjoying the rejuvenated hot tub

Orchids and bromeliads

Tom and Betty

Family shot

Giving some direction

All five of us

Max and Marna

Ruth chomps into an apple

An array of puppets

Unwrapping the Boogie Board

Max as center of attention

Max gets a Boogie Board too

Separating the foam bits

Sitting down for dinner

From the other end of the tables

Brewing up some trouble

And back to a mellower disposition

Cookie tray

Wisconsin, featuring I-94

Choosing carefully

The grab bag gets underway

Max puts his new camera to use

The whole gang

Frost inside the window frame

Ruth gets her nails done

Photo attack

Lots of pink

Storytime for Max

Chowing at Culver's

Parental getaway

Nicely crusted rental car

Jill gets cookies to go

Out in the cold night air

Looking down Nixon Ave

Across East Capitol Drive

Old and young baboons

Caught in the grooming act


Leading the migration

Klipspringer in the new Africa Rocks section

Rock hyrax doing its best rock impression

Irridescent bird

Lily pad flower

Lily pad flowers

Penguin lineup, including Simon

Bright white

Paul and Jeni, unaware of the dangers lurking above

Gradually learning about their presumed predator


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