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Photographer: Various

Barlo, Nicole, Charlie, Liz, James, Randy, and Doyle at Doyle's house

James, me, Randy, and Doyle at Doyle's house

Barlo, Nicole, me, Doyle, Randy, Liz, Charlie and James at Doyle's house

James, myself, and Doyle playing caps

Brian and others in a tree

Doyle, Brian, and others in a tree


Fueling up for a stroll around campus

Puffing away in the shade

Relaxing on the lakefill

A finely aged cigar

Sipping on the cash

Down the line

Old Man Doyle with his non-corncob pipe

Waiting for the ceremony to start

The vows begin

A kiss seals the deal

Cutting the cake

First dance

First dance

Enjoying the reception

Doyle and his Evil Arts and Crafts

Doyle looks confused

Doyle at work

James and Doyle try to look intimidating

Doyle, Brian, Charlie, and John

Charlie, Brian, Liz, Doyle, and Jeremy

Doyle relaxing

Doyle and me in our kayaks

Doyle and the F-Series

Doyle paddling in Lake Superior

Doyle and me with our kayaks

Me and Doyle in northern WI

Doyle, Liz and myself

Myself, John, Doyle, and Randy. Not sure what's going on here.

Me and Doyle all set for Halloween

Doyle resting again

NU table

Drinking buddies at the bar

Doyle's speech


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