Home - 2017 - Weekend in Big Bear

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Ready to hit the real trail

Momentary touchdown

Heading up the trail

Cairn central

One of the many stacks

Nearly bare branches

Flaking away

Big Bear Lake

Cairn in a tree

Upwards toward Bertha Peak

Better view of the lake

Swooping in

Taking a breather after a race

Bright orange lichens

Twisted and broken

View of the full lake

Tagged in blue

Scenic communications bunker at the top of Bertha Peak

Break time

Reverse jailbreak to free the recycling

Up at the top

High wire act

Meadow on the other side

Bright and yellow

Turning red

Our home for the weekend

This one's all yellow

Getting crispy

A tiny bit of shimmer

Sunday hiking crew

Plenty of orange

And some red

The trail meanders up

Almost to our turnaround spot

All the way at the top

Victory poses

Obstructed view seats

Coming down from Gray's Peak


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