Home - 2017 - Burning Man

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Starburst for turndown service

Maple Motel, Hesperia CA

Stopping for a nice lunch at Schat's in Bishop

Views of the Sierras for much of the drive

Pulled over to stretch for a few minutes

Yellow and green

Gas isn't cheap in Bridgeport

Last stop, in Gerlach, before getting there

Coated in dust coming the other direction

Approaching Black Rock Desert

Event entrance!

Essentially no traffic on the way in

Waiting in line at the gate

Peeking out into the camp

About to head out to checkout playa artwork

Like a settlement on Mars

Playa Barbie #1

Tire tracks in the dust

Playa Barbie #2

Terry, everyone's favorite Muppet

Looking to the 10 o'clock area

The Man in his house

All roads lead to the man

Hug Deli, open for business

Eye and hands

Cruising the playa

The 2017 temple

Quiet morning

Sun starting to beat down

Journey (the art project, not the band)

Inside the path

Stressed joints from the drying wood

Giant metal arch

Lots of flowers

Spinning wheel

Out at the trash fence

Daytime rave

Trying to decipher the sign

Getting a fortune from a mirrored cat

Parisian victrolla

Upper railing and horn

Lizard skin shelter

Inverse globe

Tree of Tenere during the day

Inside the memorial

Reading the message

Gathering point


Stacy and Terry in the O


Viewed straight on

At an angle

Makeup in progress

Some bees at the meadery

Official logo and sign

Necklaces for gifting

A variety of meads for offering

Dusk sets in as the art cars wake up

Dusty sunset

Ready to venture out

Baahs the sheep lit up

Campsigns and another art car in the background

Getting pretty

All made up

The Waggle Lounge Meadery fills up

Lots of lights on the playa

In the lounger

Thinking "this is crazy"

Giant flamingo and friends

The man, starting to get prepped to burn

Blinkies everywhere

Crystal car

Dark structure in the foreground is about to burn

Face car

Mob scene at the tree

15,000 LED lit leaves

Giant VW vehicles

Watching the art burn

Closed and getting stripped of non-burnables

Tearing down the tent

Removing the lights

Almost empty

Relaxing in the shade. Still plenty hot

Sous vide steaks for dinner

Heading out to the burn

Our rendezvous point

Taking it all in

The perimeter around the Man

Giant marionette

Crazy eyes

Angular animal

Arms still down

General chaos

Iguana car

Shifting patterns

Fire fire fire

Solid wall of art cars

Snail car

Ready for blastoff

Tons of people

Returning to base

Three light pillars

Arms up!

Anticipation builds

The pyrotechnics begin

Sparks but no fire yet

Roof attemping to lift off

Some flames take hold

The burn really gets rolling

100 feet of flames

The roofline starts to waver

Still holding up, but barely

Ember pillar overhead

Completely engulfed

Roof gone, but man still intact

Our camp, watching from the distance

No more man

Burn sign

Solving the maze

Gaylactic Invaders signs

Packing up a dusty car

Disassembling camp

Just a few trash bags remain

Deep dust drifts

The long wait to exit

On the roll again

Covered in dust

Sunset after escaping to the road


Getting darker

Scattered clouds

Late dinner in Reno

Guess where those feet have been

Afternoon clouds on the drive home

2 hour backup on 395



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