Home - 2017 - Weekend at the Palms in Borrego Springs

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Relative calm on Saturday morning

Exiting the tunnel in the relay

Untying for the handoff

Sipping to finish the race

Pile of heros

A respectable showing at 2:14

Hiding in the shade

Accepting the challenge

Going down

Determined to stay up

Thrown again

John takes a turn

Mike stays low

Slipping away

Rosie up on the deck

Lightsaber battle royale

The Silver Surfer glides in


Star Wars trio

Paul, John, and Lisa

Rey and Lara

Katana and Goku

The full crew

The full crew

The ladies

The ladies

The ladies

The guys

The guys

The ladies, now complete

Surfer and Unicorn

Catwoman and Batman

Poison Ivy and Katana

Dinner at the Krazy Coyote

Wolverine delicately sipping


Strobe-lit pool

No more strobe

Mostly vacant dance floor

Beer pong finals

Light setup


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