Home - 2017 - Weekend in Palo Alto

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Filing in for the first ceremony

Getting positioned to walk the stage

Up next


Here comes the hood

Happy Lisa

Walking the stage

About to get the diploma

The handoff

Dr Lisa!

Oh yeah

Finalizing the ceremony

Quick glance back

Filing out


Insert your name here

Basking the glow of being called Doctor

With a mentor

Fellow doctors

Receiving the medal

Addressing the crowd

Relating to the professors

Stacy and the graduate

Sneak attack

Happy grad

Ruth sprinting around the playground

Slowing for a moment

Max inspecting the apparatus

Considering her options

Rounding the bend

Whipping around

Max getting pinned to the back of his seat

Getting dizzy

Seven out of eight looking at the camera isn't too bad

Layering on the paint to spin

Splattered grate

Finishing the masterpiece

Trying another one, with a little less paint

The artist and her work

Robo-delivery, a bit timid when crossing the street

Approaching nap time


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