Home - 2017 - Weekend in LA

Photographer: Josh Eckels

View from our hotel room, looking north

Hollywood peeks out from the clouds

Our hotel, the Line

The fancy room, replete with concrete walls

Waiting to board the tram at the Getty

Arrival Plaza

Rebar trees

Swoopy lawn

Near the bottom of the stream

Garden terrace cafe

Central garden pool

Across the garden

Giant white flowers

Garden path

Mickey Mouse hedges

Looking south towards Century City

View over the cactus garden

North on the 405

Relaxing on the lawn

Fancy marble

Creeping over the edge

Santa Monica pier

A few brave souls

Trudging into the wind

Clearing morning sky

Into the tar (actaully asphalt) pits!

Various big and extinct critters

Ready to hug with tusks

Sample of the fossil density

Levitating Mass over at the art museum

Fossils awaiting extaction

About to get trapped in the tar


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