Home - 2017 - China - Day 8 - Xi'an and Terracotta Warriors

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Eggs and noodles for breakfast (approximately $1.25)

Lineup of hole-in-the-wall restaurants

Friendly but strange figures await on the steps

Super-legit brand name electronics

Still quiet early in the morning

Entry gate at the Xi'an Great Mosque

Side path, taped off

Garden inside the grounds

Furniture display

Yet another bird in a cage

Super green

Intricate carving

Lots of detail

Proceeding down the main walkway

Small pagoda

Blue trio

Very peaceful inside the gates, unlike the bustling Muslum Quarter outside

Main Prayer Hall

Strikingly blue inside

Prayer Hall

Paneled screens

Some non-Chinese characters!

Inside the gardens

Practicing in the corner

Bursting pomegranates

Muslim Quarter during the day

A nice big bowl of coal

Fizzy water bath for your beverage?

Glazed fruits

Spicy spicy spicy

Bored butcher

Furry lineup

Approaching the entrance to the Terracotta Warriors

Relaxing on the less crowded path

Meandering to the secondary entrance

First glimpse at Pit 3


High-ranking officers

Assorted bits and pieces

Horses in profile

The mostly headless section

Missing different parts

Another corner

More officers

Formerly on the new-disintegrated chariots

The much larger pit 2

Window stencil

Took a tumble

Sections awaiting excavation

Lots of undulating rank and file

Area of active work

Gear's out, but nobody's working

A nice 3D jigsaw

Torsos and such

Bigger pieces

Mostly intact, but lying down on the job

Archer, missing a bow

Horse handler

Full sized horse

With a jaunty ascot

Missing his weapon, like the rest

Taking a knee

Detailed armor

The full lineup in pit 1

Four wide

Chariots in front, infantry in back

One headless chap

Pit 1 is huge

Corner view

Some seams visible, but overall remarkably intact

Varied hairdos

Hundreds and thousands

Heads poking up over the berms

Less dense section

Numbered for some reason

Getting pieced back together

New in shrinkwrap

Bronze chariot horses

Lots of detail

Covered wagon

Kite string

Xi'an North Gate tower

North Street as dusk settles in

Bell Tower at night

Pineapple treats

Greyhounds happily tucked in a trunk

Our dessert purveyor

Crowd on the street for the excitement

Fire a couple of buildings over

Still-gathered crowd outside our window


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