Home - 2017 - Trip to Santa Barbara

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Santa Fe station in the early morning pre-light

Sous vide egg bites in LA

Waiting lounge chandalier at Union Station

We're on the board


Relaxing in the lounge

Our room on the train, in the rain

Drizzly Santa Barbara

Umbrella down, for the moment

Empty streets

Geared up in GoreTex

Intricate sand creation

Working on the next masterpiece

Santa Barbara marina

Sun and clouds

Waves crashing on the breakwater

Waves rolling in

Happy the sun is out


Flapping away

The train station

Post office

Lobero Theater

Weathered paint

Purple courtyard

Historical museum

Empty museum backyard

Clouds still hugging the mountains

Free fruit

Hanging light

Art museum

Granada Theater

Arlington Theater spire

Hills still smothered in fog

Santa Barbara Mission

Main facade

Our borrowed yellow bikes

Fountain pond

Laundry room

Sun patches

Bright orange

Bright red and yellow

View from Shoreline Park

Paddling out for oil

Up at Santa Barbara Point


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