Home - 2017 - Mom and Dad's January visit

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Retired guns at Liberty Station

First glimpse of Bubble Soccer


Carnage on the field

Checking out the newish Public Market

Vinegar tasting!

Inside the market

Lunch at Stone

Sunday picnic on the beach

Dipping a toe in

Reported to be chilly

Sunny but not too packed

Dolphin swim-by

Coming up for air

One more breath

Soaking up the sun

Hopeful for snacks

Resigned to nuts and berries

Rough-hewn roof timbers

San Luis Rey mission

Weathered on the bottom too

Surviving arch

Inside the mission


Under the dome

Graveyard on the side

Very quiet

Main tower and palm

Gleaming white facade

Follow the arrow

Fountain out front


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