Home - 2017 - Weekend in Forest Falls

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Shadows creeping down the mountains

Frosted forest

Heading out on a walk

Tesla meets snow

Christopher, Nyla, and Burt, angle 1

Christopher, Nyla, and Burt, angle 2

Tesla, Stacy, and me

Nyla burying herself

Launching out

Maximum extension

Tesla takes chase

A wicked grin

Very lean

Let the frolic begin!

Tesla kicks it into second gear

Looking down Snow Creek

Nibble nibble

High and low roads

Incoming greyhound

Moving down the valley

A dangerous place, apparently

Nyla comes running through

Small falls in the Valley of the Falls

Warm but snowy

Midday sun

Side creek winding through the forest

Striated rock

Snow Creek, picking up tributaries

Burt and Stacy

Losing altitude

Treat time for the pups

The valley widens

Boulder field

Gentle descent

Nyla running laps

Spider fleeing the snow

River's Edge, our weekend getaway

Drying out on the porch


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