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Photographer: Josh Eckels


Still surprised

More invaders

The Montanans arrive

Gathered in the kitchen

Cruising towards the club

Approaching our lunch spot

Returning home

Out in the pool

Out in the pool

A quick card game




Making a wish


The full group at William and Mary

Cheers, again!

Now for cake

Getting underway

Returning to the Keys

In Bozeman with the Schievelbeins

Other end of the table

Applying lotion, or slapping - take your choice

All the young people

Two tiers

The whole crowd

Captain (or maybe Skipper) Tom

Engine room

In front of the tree

One more

Fancy bag

Trying again

Enjoying the show

New napkins from Italy

Skipper? Captain?

New shirt


Hydrate first

Sampling the "low alcohol" martini

Up at the bar again

Back in our seats

Getting a little tipsy

Fourth and final

We survived!

Prepping for departure

Hogfish for Tom

On the ride back

Lazy return home

Crusing through the channels

Touring the neighborhood

Being amused by the pelicans

New Year's Eve

Adding the photographer to the mix

New Year's Day

Alternate angle

Hooks in the water

Reeling in the barracuda

Back at the dock

The cornhole battle begins

Betty fires back

Highly unusual vertical tossing style

New teams

Pre-dinner photo

The obligatory silly shot

In front of the orchid tree

More hair clips!

Enjoying the spray and wind on the Point

Down in the engine room

Inside, on the main deck

Hello down there

Managing the lines

The long saga continues

Some early jumping

Perfectly medium-rare prime rib

Soaking up the sun

Nearing the end of our cruise

New speaker paired and in operation

A friendly card game

Enjoying the rejuvenated hot tub

Tom and Betty

Family shot

Giving some direction

All five of us

Ruth's turn at photographer

Finishing the prep

The horde descends

Out on the deck

The whole gang

In the shade

Coming back in

At our third stop

Onto the air boat

Family lineup

All in blue

Now for some wrestling moves

Awaiting the tortoises

Taking a turn

Tug of war

Out in the enclosure


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