Home - 2016 - Holiday trip - Florida

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The pool at Ocean Reef Club

Looking out to the saltwater and mangroves

Lisa enjoying the pool

Stacy at the pool

A boat heading out

Mangroves and birds

Looking in toward the marina

Balancing act

Shoreline and nice houses

The channel out to slightly deeper water

Mostly pelicans

A very mellow lizzard

Down on the ground

In the new board shorts

Small saltwater lagoon. May contains ocean creatures!

Mangrove channel

One of many OR cats

Heading back to the house

The budding mixologists assemble

Studying up ahead of time

Hydrate first

Legacy and chump

Sampling the "low alcohol" martini

Up at the bar again

Adding the bitter

Mixing station

Back in our seats

Getting a little tipsy

Fourth and final

Appetizer pairing for the beer-mosa

We survived!

Heading out for the morning

Taking refuge in the kitten room

Defensive posture

Rack of cats

Sleeping, go away

Chaos at the cat shelter


Stacy's parents' place

Orchids on the trees

Front drive


Man and dog, out for a drive

Under construction

Another estate going in

Empty lot

Still left from the initial build-out

Fun little car

Just your typical mailbox

Spiny orbweaver - crazy looking spider

Runway at the airport

More aircraft

Non-extreme bocce

Tarpon Lane

Another orchid

Figs getting closer to ripe

Prepping for pickleball

View from bridge

Solar-powered bikes

Buccaneer Island

Electric vehicle lineup

Looking north from the bridge

Ibis prowling around

Moving in unison

Time to take off

The inaugural voyage of the new boat

The other boat

Boats must have punny names

Prepping for departure


Mangrove cluster

Looking for breakfast

Heading out to the reef

Enjoying the sun

Not yet at full speed


The fishing begins

First catch - yellowtail!

Reeling it in

Porgy, big enough to keep

Grouper breaking the surface

Bigger than the last one

Hogfish, soon to be dinner

Another grouper

Snapper (I think)


Hogfish for Tom

Resetting the timer yet again

Smooth skinned pufferfish


Flopping on the deck

Victory beer

On the ride back

Back to Ocean Reef

Some very big boats

Oceanfront houses

Big houses

Very big house

Lazy return home

Crusing through the channels

Touring the neighborhood


Fancy clip

Another fancy clip

Donnie, our stallwart captain

Pelican paddling by

Passing through

Return to the house

Wearing my new shirt

Lisa in front

The day's haul

Looking for handouts

Fighting for scraps


Cleaning the catch

Lounging on the newly restored seawall

Being amused by the pelicans


Pool and hot tub

TV room

Living room


Sprouting in the framing

All clean and ready for another outing

Another spiny orbweaver

New Year's Eve

Adding the photographer to the mix

Stone crab

Hogfish in the pan

The first wine

Plated and ready to serve

Down at the beach, pre-fireworks

All lit up

Looking like trouble

8:30PM fireworks show

The finale

Dancing it out


On the run

The point - members only!

Looking back toward the neighborhood

Last day in Key Largo

Down at the water


Cartful of troublemakers

Plenty of carts

Ferrari in the driveway

Return to pickleball

A blistering return

Final game

New Year's Day

Alternate angle


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