Home - 2016 - November trip to the River

Photographer: Josh Eckels

A bunkful of trouble

The spiritual guide for the weekend

Quiet in the morning

Fully loaded Jeep

Hitting the trail

Starting the flip-flop hike

Coyote skeleton?

Bones in the wash

Heading down the slot canyon

Narrow part

Wider part

Turning around

Water at the end

Dusty web

Somebody's nest

Footware failure

The gun buffet

Loading up the pumpkin

Reassembled and ready for the range

Clearing out

Sighting in

The happy target

No more

Retired drive

Displaced drive

Probably not recoverable

Testing the AK

Watermelon time

Waiting for the signal

Bill takes aim

Just a touch high

Direct hit

Note the Tannerite can spiraling out, intact

Can target, fully prepped

Venting but not igniting

Close range

Just Tannerite this time


Big plume

The find of the day

The flare catches fire

Propane can launched


Very yellow

Not much left

Another spray can

Bright and white


Debris ejected

A few residual flames

The guys and an arm

Sunset approaches

Doors open for a little too long

Mike and the .357

Propane target

Near miss

Hit but no ignition

Paul on the prowl

Close range

A fine mist

Just a few shards left

My turn

Propane can on the move

Missing a limb

Setting up for the final shot

Big boom

Plywood launched

Fireball subsides

Plywood descending

Lingering gas

Getting dark

Using the last couple of rounds

Jump start

Prepping to launch

Another nice day on the River


Into the inlet



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