Home - 2016 - September trip to the River

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Zoe in the co-pilot seat

Ears flapping in the breeze

Up front

Open waters

In Zoe's spot

Charred section

Our cruise director

Small sand bar

Fish in the shallows

Stone cabin after a grueling hike

Ready for a meal

Just need some rope

A little leaky

Stina and Mike

Rebecca and Andrew

Stacy and me

The full, massive cabin

Part of an old water tank

In the muck

Enticing the dogs into the water

Hoping the humans return alive

Making do with a substandard dog bed

The invasion begins

All to ourselves for now

Getting bolder

Scouting the grass

Andrew supervises the construction project

A very scary looking gator windblock

Down on the sand

Soaking up the sun

Visitors arrive

Now on the flowers

Tiny with huge eyes

Very pale

Resting on the weeds

Popping up


Swinging wide



Considering another run

An old pro

All done

Happy hour begins


Time for bottle number two


Keeping it classy

Good to the last drop

Turkey vulture

Just before sundown


Kicking back

Sun on the horizon

Golden hills

A tired Tesla

Yellow skies

Nobody else on the water

Buttes in the distance

Big houses

Nearly a full moon

Burning the plates from happy hour

Sitting down to dinner

Sunday sandbar

Racoon prints

Zoe prowls the perimeter

Reeds in the sand

A nice spot

Lunch on the grill

An American tableau

Horsefly sharpshooter

Number 8

Fishing bait

Heading downriver


Dogs trying to stay cool

Zoe getting some much needed attention in the back

Off in a side channel

Very still

Watermellon slicing demonstration

The windup

Prepare to meet your doom, mellon


Going for another, blade glinting in the sun

Perfectly portioned

Rebecca takes a turn

Almost there

Another perfect slice

Equisite knife skills

Offering a taste to a skeptical Zoe

Watermellon water for Tesla


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