Home - House stuff - Laundry room revamp

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Ready to open the wall

The slicing begins

Swapping ineck

Prepaing the peephole

Morning glory eruption

A few more vines clinging

With the proper tool, all jobs are easy and safe

Into the crawlspace!

Ready to hoist

It fits!

And the door opens

Painting to match

Prepped and ready for the real install

Empty save for the laundry itself

Clean slate

Baseboards removed, cabinet making its way inside

Removing the old outlet

It fits!

Staging all of the boxes

Attaching in place

Basic layout is in place

Moving on to some finishing work

All arrayed

Stacy with a nailgun

Doors on

Doors on

Some of the pulls installed, mostly repopulated

Getting closer

Down comes the trim

One piece left

Plywood counter underlayment

Baseboards installed

Taking it all in

New counter installed

Leather finish

Window sill removed

Staging for the tile work

Testing layouts

Cutting out the half-circles

Final layout check

Covered in goop

All tiled up

Officially completing the project

Looking unsure of the new setup

Built-in serving dishes

The whole room

Quincy checks out the magnificence

All done!


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