Home - 2016 - Family summer gathering

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Ruth and Stacy compare footwear

Trying it on

Enjoying the shade

Sprouting in the gutters

Setting up for dinner

Fellow German traveler

Happy at the table

Something funny

Max with his nail polished cheek


Carefully coiffed, as always

Acclimating to the insanity

Quiet at the table

Dining under way

Amphibious visitor

Holding on


Ready to hop

Carefully mointoring the situation

Let the rampus begin

Down for the count

Book club in progress

The dreaded driveway work

Rachel and Sam, together!

Story time

D&E arrive

The largest dinner of the gathering

Grillables and coleslaw

Pork tenderloin

The full group

Birthday delivery



Got them all!

Games, anyone?

Looking sharp

One last look at the Leading Edge

Chicken attack

Plenty of plumage, but no full bird

Peeking out

The grounds at Ten Chimneys


Visitor center at Ten Chimneys

Bright orange

Time to sort out the garage

Extra bikes

Glad we saved this one


Repopulating with the keepers

Taking it all in

Not all of it's staying

Quite a find

Happy Max

Assorted honors

Train set, post-tornado

Taking a final call on the bean bag chair while ready to snorkel

Plenty of lumbar support


Farewall, 5.25" floppies!

Misc hardware

The original SimCity


Mini but still the real deal

Worth $5, apparently

The outgoing pile

Better but not done


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