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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Tesla settles in uneasily

Tesla on the ground floor

Tesla on the deck

Meeting a friend

Rearing up

Electric tail

Greyhound silhouette

Off to the races

Up in the air

Strutting in the surf

A burst of speed


And they're off

Soaking up the Sunday sun


Ready to play

In-place prancing

Rounding the corner

All done

Leaping back into action

Getting tired

Taking off

Heading south

Turning around

Sprinting back

Dogs in tow

In the foam

Rounding the sand pile

Quick shaking to get underway

Setting off

Oh yeah...

Full speed ahead


Black and white buddies

Showing off

A fun run

Stopping short

Sneaking past the goalie

Ears back for speed

Happy run

Into the surf

Splashing along

Heading out again

Black dog convention

Ready for a nap

Taking in the ocean view

Hot panting dog

A bit of splashing

Starting at the fence

A brief spurt from Tesla

And she's done

So menacing

Heading out on a walk

Tesla meets snow

Tesla, Stacy, and me

Tesla takes chase

A wicked grin

Very lean

Let the frolic begin!

Tesla kicks it into second gear

Nibble nibble

High and low roads

Incoming greyhound

A dangerous place, apparently

Treat time for the pups

Drying out on the porch

Settling into the cabin

Tesla snuggling her moose

Tesla winds up

Tesla sneaks in

Officially completing the project

Looking unsure of the new setup

Tesla shows some interest

Walk with greyhound, run with scissors

Staring down the pup

Gathered around the twins

On the blanket

Napping greyhound

Tesla keeping her cool

Ears flapping in the breeze

Enticing the dogs into the water

Hoping the humans return alive

Making do with a substandard dog bed

Scouting the grass

Andrew supervises the construction project

Keeping it classy

Just before sundown

Sun on the horizon

A tired Tesla

Dogs trying to stay cool

Zoe getting some much needed attention in the back

Watermellon water for Tesla

Tesla eager to hit the water

On the move

Armada of two boats

Up and alert, for the moment

Heading down the shore

Getting Tesla riled up

A run in the waves

Rearing up

Calming down again

Heading back home

The dogs happily in the water at last

Tesla waits patiently while Nyla plays

Ready to charge down the beach again

Rearing up

Terrifying facial expression while twisting

In a newly dug den

Mostly escaping the sun

John working on the sanding while Tesla supervises

Gutters on the house

Tesla questioning the walk

Tesla sprawled out


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