Home - 2016 - July Fourth weekend

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Glorious Friendship Park at the border

Looknig north from the border

The bikers approach!


Full of energy after the ride

Ruth and Oma

Changed into civilian clothes

Max is still napping

Checking out the view

Ending almost in Mexico after starting in Canada

Triumphant finish

Dance party at the park

Disassembling the gear

Wandering the zoo

A moment in the shade

Boarding the Skyfari

Zipping to the far side of the park

Lucas and Dad

Major construction underway

Chomp chomp chomp

Cuddling with the bears

Paddling around

Squashing a penny

Happy Ruth

Mostly happy Max

Ready to chow down

Prepped to chomp

Tesla winds up

Tesla sneaks in

Everybody lined up

Coronado parade

Not overly crowded

On the path at the Coronado beach



Over the ships

County building all lit up



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