Home - 2016 - Germany - Day 8 - Potsdam

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Cafe breakfast

Eclectic fountain

Friedrichstrasse station

Not a place for a pidgeon

Our train arrives, late!

Communs, former servant lodging at Potsdam

Neues Palais, finished in six years

Arching entrance

Not too shabby

Neues Palais, under rennovation

Party cloudy but very nice

One half

Water towers in front, not original

The other arching entrance

Assorted statues, with wires

The other side of the Neues Palais

Stacy and me

Chloe and me

Entering the botanical garden


Quite a variety

In front of Orangerie

Nicely shaped hedge

Orderly gardens

Approaching the windmill


Windmill, completely reconstructed


Sanssouci, at last?

Nice view of the gardens

Sans souci, indeed!

Another tower to something cool

It's bright

Perfect for caging your pterodactyls

Suprisingly modest in scope

Nice and sunny

Grave of the potato king. Frederick the Great


Potsdam's Brandenburg Gate, since every city needs one


Brandenburger Strasse

Yet another schloss

Beach time

Snowing seeds

Dusk slowly sets in

Not-so-stealthy spiderweb

Can't quite sort out what this building is

Nikolaikirche across the river

Ich bin eine berliner

Wraparound view


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