Home - 2016 - Germany - Day 3 - Munich

Photographer: Josh Eckels

One of many produce stands

Spargle is in season!!!

Overcast skies over Neues Rathaus

The glockenspiel, waiting for its chance to shine

Banners unfurled

East part of the facade

Cheese shop in Viktualienmarkt

Maibaum (May pole)

The Maibaum (May pole)

A more extensive produce stand

Olives and other cured items

Tropical fruit section


Top of the Neues Rathaus tower

Standing guard

Leaning gargoyles

Ready to vomit up some rainwater

The famed Glockenspiel

The show gets underway

Top section does its thing

A jousting match

We have a winner

The twirling lower section

The owl finally flaps his wings

St Peterskirche tower

Inside St Peterskirche

Enjoying his retirement

Locked up

Main alter

Detailed alter

Side alter

Inside St Peterskirche

Long beard and carpenter's square

View from the tower

Roofline of St Peterskirche

Old and new

Neues Rathaus from St Peterskirche

Frauenkirche from the top of St Peterskirche

Actually pretty wide roads for downtown Europe

View of the Olympiaturm

Peeking into the neighboring courtyard


Seashell grotto

A typical entry hall

Workstation, notably missing power cords

Hofkirche, only recently rebuilt after WWII

Red brick is original, the rest is rebuilt

Long hallway

Plenty of gold leaf

Decorated in the neutral style

Fox rocking out on the harpichord

In the treasury

Looks comfy

Another crown

Various practical items

Looking a little seasick

Lobby for the elusive CuvillÚs-Theater

Selfie sticks prohibited!

Inside CuvillÚs-Theater

Rebuilt, but host to Mozart

CuvillÚs-Theater box seats

Nice clean seats

Ceiling over the stage

Approach to CuvillÚs-Theater

Some of the lovely gravel beaches

Isar River

Pecking around the shore

Bridges over the Isar

Graphiti on the pedestrian path


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